Font Metrics Project: Book Collections

R. Zanibbi, March 27, 2013

Here are links and brief descriptions of book collections. These collections were intended to span the years 1450-1650, i.e. 200 years from 1450, when Gutenberg is often credited with inventing the printing press.

books_07_12 (main collection)

This is the 'main' collection of books obtained from Rob Pike, possibly along with earlier books collected by Chuck and his graduate students. It contains 20,155 books at the time of this writing. A number of early dates in this collection were incorrect, caught by Chuck and updated by Richard.


567 books collected by Chuck and his graduate students to better represent early years.
Another collection from Chuck and his students to balance to corpus, again with roughly 200 books.
A collection of almost 1000 books, focusing on earlier years (particularly 1511-1520) and English texts, obtained by Chuck and his students to try and better represent earlier years. An earlier part of this collection (from March 2012, books_03_12 in the same directory) was first collected to test the font classifier developed by Rob LiVolsi.
Another additional 103 books collected by Chuck from later years (1600+).