min is designed to make it easier to include mathematical expressions in your search queries.

Math expressions are drawn on a canvas, with keywords entered in a standard text box. Recognized expressions are converted to text and combined with the keywords. The query is then sent to a chosen search engine (e.g. Wolfram Alpha, Google, or Wikipedia).

To use min, click on the image at left.

Contributors: Richard Pospesel, Kevin Hart, Lei Hu, Siyu Zhu, David Stalnaker, Christopher Sasarak, Robert LiVolsi, Awelemdy Orakwue, and Richard Zanibbi (Document and Pattern Recognition Lab, RIT)

Overview of the min Interface


Use the search tool to submit an expression and any keywords you have entered to a search engine. Available search engines are listed in the drop down menu below the text entry box (at top right).

The video demonstrates entering a query containing an expression and keywords (to solve 3x + 1 = 3, entering the expression and typing "solve for x") and then submitting the query to Wolfram Alpha.

Pencil tool Use the pencil tool to draw mathematical equations on the canvas as shown in the video to the right. Symbols are recognized as you draw, after a short delay or when you lift your hand if you are using a touch device.

Using the keyboard

Min can also be used using the keyboard. To do this, click on the canvas and type in expressions using your keyboard. After typing, you can use select primitives tool to move symbols around just like in the video.
rectangle_select Use the select symbol tool to move, resize (using a pinch gesture or control points), relabel, group/merge or delete symbols. A selected sub-expression can be flicked around the canvas just as if you threw it. Symbols may be deleted by dragging/throwing the symbol off the canvas or pressing the "delete" key on your keyboard.

Correcting Symbol Recognition Errors: Relabeling a single symbol or merging symbols is performed by pressing-and-holding on selected symbols.

upload_image Use this tool to upload images. After uploading, you can manipulate the connected components (i.e. 'black blobs') from the image similar to how you would for handwritten strokes. OCR of (typeset) symbols is provided.
undo redo Use the undo and redo tools when you want to forget some number of previous operations. For example, if you delete a symbol and then need it back, you can undo the deletion. If you then decide you don't need the symbol you can press redo to delete it again.
align_expression This is the recognize expression tool. When you click this tool, it analyzes the layout of symbols on the canvas, displays the recognized expression in the "slider" in the toolbar, and moves symbols on the canvas to visualize the recognized layout.

Caution (!): The recognized expression will replace the current expression shown in the slider.

delete_slide add_slide The slider in the toolbar is able to hold a list of recognized expressions for use in search queries. Use the delete tool to remove the slide/expression shown in the toolbar, and use the add tool to create a new empty slide/expression.

This action can not be undone so use with care. On touch devices, you can use swipe gestures to move between expressions.

Thank you for your interest in min. Here is a link to search using simple math input.

Written by Awelemdy Orakwue (April, 2013), edited (February, 2014)

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. IIS-1016815. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.